Glasgow 15th September

James Slater
1st September 2005, 13:54
There will be a reunion luncheon for B.I. Engineer and Elecrical Officers at the the Ramada on Ingram St, Glasgow on Thursday 15th September 2005. So far there are about 60 attending. Are there any more out there who are interested. If you were B.I. but not an engineer you are still welcome to come and have a drink with us after lunch.

Best regards,

James Slater
Secretary B.I. Engineer Officers Association.

12th October 2005, 02:03

I don't supose you would know if Don Belton was in attendence at the lunch. He was a BI CEO I had the plasure of sailing with on several occasions. He loved watches, as in tick tock type watches. An excellent bloke, true professional.

James Slater
17th October 2005, 10:10
I also sailed with Don.

He didn't attend the reunion and is not a member of the Association. I do not have any information on him.

If you were an engineer with BI why not contact be with a private message. I am the BI Engineer Officers Association secretary. Membership is free.

Best regards,


tom e kelso
21st October 2005, 17:56
Don, with whom I sailed in Vosges (ex-BI ZIRA) and VENDEE (ex-BI ZAIDA) regularly between 1978 and 1982, retired about 1985 on, I believe, health grounds. Sadly, he died a year or two afterwards at his home in Loughborough.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I thought that Don was originally with Hain's and was absorbed into P & O General Cargo Divison after the "McKinsey Revolution " in 1972.

I had forgotten about his interest in watches and clocks, but while on the Vosges/Vendee whenever he could he visited the flea markets in M****illes, and Ashdod hunting for old fob watches.


Tom Kelso

22nd October 2005, 09:49

You were master on the second or third occasion I saild with Don. I thought he was BI as he was on the maiden voyage of the Zira (as I was), although I was NZS. He was a really good man, very quite and un assuming, a superb engineer, never got a harrased and stayed calm even when the "job" was falling apart.
My Salaams to your good lady, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in London, my wife joined on the same day. I spent three great trips on the Z's, V's. Have you heard from Bob ????? forgotten his name CEO. Meet him a few years ago, he was a supper for a Dredger co, South Coast, we met at the plumber ball in Liverpool. Enough for now.

tom e kelso
23rd October 2005, 14:06

First of all, my apologies for misconception that Don originated with Hain Nourse. I see from Apr 1970 BI News that he was CEO Purnea at that time.

I think you are referring to Bob Sharp, CEO. I haven't had any contact with him or the two ther CEO's, Noel Pickering and Colin Knill, since leaving the

Don and I exchanged our news in Xmas cards until I had a note from his mother, telling me that he had died. Do you remember Doug Perry, who also sailed for quite a time on the two ships as C/O and eventually in command?
We kept in touch as we went our seperate ways, and sadly, I spoke to him the phone in December 2003, when he was in the Royal Marsden Hospital.
By that time he was very weak, and the next day his daughter phoned me to tell me had died during the night.

The occasion when our two wives were waiting on the quay, was probably during the summer voyage when we called at the Millwall |Dock. Although I do not know your name I am sure I would remember both you and your wife.
Sadly, Moira, took ill on a West Indies cruise on Oriana 10 years ago and we were flown home from Barbadoes. Within a month she had passed away.

I have now remarried and live a fairly active retirement in Troon

Kind regards


24th October 2005, 22:03

Indeed it was Bob Sharp, haven't seen him in years, apart from the Plumbers Ball in Liverpool, way back in the mid 90's. Colin Knill, I remember, not only from the Vendee, but also he was first trip 2/E/O on the Tonagriro, in the early 70's. He was affectionaly know as the BI Spy, being the only none NZSC officer on board the ship, just before the revolution. Nice bloke one you got to know him.

Sorry to hear about Don and Doug, who I did sail with and my commiserations on the loss of your lovely wife.

Our wife's did meet in Milwall. I can't rremember where we were bound or where we have arrived from, but do remember we had a couple very entertaining evenings. I was a lowly 4/E/O in those days, but I think the Vendee was one of the happiest ships I had the pleasure of sailing on. I was on the Ziada, maiden voyage from the UK to NZ / Japan, Crusader run and then joined Vendee on the Carmel run and also a run up to Sweeden for peas. Good times.