port alma

1st June 2009, 13:06
anyone out there who was on the port alma,s last trip when she went to japan for scrap?

19th August 2009, 04:04
I sailed on her on my first trip as a junior engineer ,I used to be on the lifeboat picking up the crew after they had been ashore in Onomichi

brian kenny
8th July 2012, 01:20
hi spudo, I was pantry boy on the port alma, my second trip to sea.I remember the trip very well.. curacao to panama then auckland, then onamichi for scrapping.
Flew home via india and switzerland. A lovely voyage,I remember the ab's building a swimming pool on board and the ship's bell going missing. I know it's a long shot but I would love to know if there are any photos surviving from that trip. Happy days.

9th July 2012, 12:06
Greetings Brian and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.