anchor-donaldson lines

2nd September 2005, 12:26
seems to be a shortage of anchor-donaldson line, tales from infamous captain cook,or cameronia when on the australian/new zealand run with 10 ahead emmigrants. edcasey.

Trevor Clements
6th May 2007, 20:15
Ed, I sailed on Donaldsons Santona as R/O and our 2nd Mate at the time Peter Telford has written a small book about Donaldson Line. He stood by Capt Cook (Letitia) while she was laid up in the Fal. He told me that at night couples used to climb into the lifeboats in the dark, and the the officer on watch would turn the bridge aldis on them to illuminate their activities.

John Rogers
7th May 2007, 00:21
I have good memories of Donaldsons, three trips on the Norwegian and the two on the Moveria,excellent feeders,sorry to say no couples in the lifeboats.

19th June 2007, 19:11
Hi guys. I served my apprenticeship on Donaldson Line, on the Letitia,( the newer one built in 1963 in Hall Russel's) and on the Corinaldo, with the previously mentioned Peter Telford. He was Chief Mate, Bob Allen was Master and Frank Nicoll was 2nd. Mate. Going back over 40 years now. Difficulty remembering names. Great feeders as mentioned and great company on board. I finished my apprenticeship as Cadet on the Torr Head of Head Line in 1967. The good old days!!! John Y

James MacDonald
31st July 2007, 21:38
I sailed On the Laurentia as O/S Glasgow to St Johns NB 06.02 64 to 07.04.64 & on the Lismoria as EDH also Glasgow to St Johns NB 07.12.65 to 08.01.66 : Handy for local Glasgow lads but I cant forget the cold freezing watches on the wing of the bridge & the 2hr stint on the wheel rolling on her beam ends .Trying to fold the ice frozen tarps in port

5th August 2012, 20:42
My Father in law was a ordinary seaman on the Cameronia taking emigrants out to Austrailia in the early 50s. He often tells tales about the Cameronia.
Unfortunatly he is not computer freindly.

Donald McGhee
6th August 2012, 02:46
I served some of my time with Donaldsons, on the Colina, then finished my time with Bank Line when they folded in 1967. There is a thread on Donaldson Line under other shipping lines.
Not much bad to say about Donaldsons, great company, excellent feeders and short trips (on the wee boats anyway). Sailed with Captain Joyce, Mate was Mr McLachlan, 3rd mate Wattie Clegg and a good happy ship she was too.
Eddie Fanning was the other apprentice, Peter Nicholson was the Bosun and the crowd were from the Western Isles, hard lot, loved their booze!