3rd September 1939

3rd September 2005, 01:07
At 0300 today, 66 years ago, the 'Athenia' was sunk, the first in a long list of Merchant ships lost during the Second World War.

Fittingly, today is Merchant Navy Day, so if any ships or public building don't have a Red Ensign at half mast, remember and get onto them about it! I will!

Sadly, most people don't even know what the Merchant Navy was and is, never mind what a Red Ensign looks like...


John Rogers
3rd September 2005, 01:43
I will have mine flying tomorrow for sure.
Hey!! Turd mate when are you joining your ship? I thought you had left already.

3rd September 2005, 04:34
You are right Jim and to my shame I did not know either but I'm about to get up on the roof with a bucket of red paint.

3rd September 2005, 04:57
Great that you brought this to our attention Regards Colin

3rd September 2005, 07:23
tks for reminding me jim.(i had forgotten)unfortunately the only red duster i can sail under these days is hanging on the bulkhead in my dayroom but i still look at it and greive about a life lost

3rd September 2005, 08:34
I'm flying out on Tuesday to Los Angeles, to join the 'British Pioneer' in Long Beach.
After that we're off to Basra, Iraq.
Should only be doing 4 months this time (hopefully), so should be back in January.

John Rogers
3rd September 2005, 15:21
Have a safe flight, fair weather, and a good sailing.
Im going out to take a picture of my Red Duster flying high,and will post it later.

Check out my flag flying in the bright sunshine this morning. (Applause)