Infor required: John Atkins (stirling castle 1965/1966)

4th June 2009, 13:30
hi i am looking for a john atkins that sailed on the stirling castle back in 1965 /1966 he was a greaser he used to meet my mum jacquline ann palmer (jackie) when docked in southampton he would have been between ships he was 23 years at the time so that would make him about 67/68 now would be gald of any help as i am new to this site

15th October 2009, 14:17
hi every one still no luck looking for my dad tried ever thing any one got any hope for me or no where else i can look many thanks leeann

K urgess
15th October 2009, 15:19
Try these links in the directory

3rd November 2009, 15:58
i try this many thank as i need al the help i can get thanks again leeann