ship scrapped new zealand pacific class

3rd September 2005, 02:11
hello i am new here i build ship models and i like the new zealand pacific class those 5 ships the only one left now is the ex australian venture.just wondering were there is photos of these ships beening scrapped or in dry dock...cheers matt (Thumb)

Doug Rogers
3rd September 2005, 03:07
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and am sure that someone can give you a hand with your question.

Mark Taxis
3rd September 2005, 11:40
New Zealand Pacific - more commonly known as the Clockwork orange

3rd September 2005, 12:24
thats true she keeped her orange to the end....

10th September 2005, 11:49
The New Zealand Pacific was the same class as the ACT 7 I sailed on many voyages 1982/6 and I took some photos of her in Drydock at the builders yard Vegasack near Bremen. On of the photos is on the Blue Star website

This is a very good website run by Fraser Darrah, the reason its on the Blue Star site is she was managed by Blue Star Ship Management.

Drop me a reply if I can help more

10th September 2005, 22:51
hello yes i did see that site maybe you can help me do you have a stern photo of her in drydock?????i have been looking round for ages but nothing if you have can you put here on the site or email me.she is the same hull as aussie venture anyway.i think there nice looking ships but they are all gone the 4 of them anyway the aussie venture now msc nuria is still here for now cheers matt

11th September 2005, 22:20
There is also a good shot of her at images/New-Zealand-Pacific...

12th September 2005, 08:05

13th September 2005, 22:02
I hope you have received the photos I have forwarded to you. ( If someone can tell me how to make my JPEG files smaller I will post on site). The propellers shown had just been fitted as part of fuel economy measures, originally she was 25000 Shp on each shaft but during this drydock along with changing the propellers and turboblowers the Shp was downrated to 12500 on each shaft. The service speed dropped from around 24 knots to around 20 knots but the fuel aved was considerable, if my memory serves me correctly it dropped from approx 150 tons to around 100 tons per 24 hours (I defer to anyone who has more accurate info). After this drydock we sailed through the English channel to do a series of engine trials off Lyme Bay which included measured miles turning circles and emergency stop, during which were called up on the VHF by a Royal Navy frigate asking if we were experiencing some difficulties, which did'nt go down to well on the bridge. After we returned to load for our usual route.

The usual route during this time was Tilbury (Northfleet) Hamburg - Rotterdam - Melbourne via Cape of Good Hope and depending on time of year we would go truncated great circle near Heard and Kergulen islands (summer southern hemisphere) -Sydney (Botany Bay) - Auckland -Wellington and either Lyttelton or Port Chalmers - Flushing or Zeebrugge via Cape Horn - Tilbury.

13th September 2005, 22:17
with thanks i recived the photos cheers:)

Any Port in a Storm
28th February 2006, 13:55
Does anyone know details of when she was scrapped? Sailed on her in the early 1990's - recall the chief eng was David Warburton.

28th February 2006, 14:05
WELCOME APIAS enjoy the site and all it has to offer.

Any Port in a Storm
28th February 2006, 14:10
Thanks - often wonder what became of the ships I sailed on, hopefully this site will shed some light.

1st March 2006, 13:46
New Zealand Pacific was sold to Chinese breakers prior to November 2002, on private terms. She would have been scrapped by early 2003.


Any Port in a Storm
1st March 2006, 16:07
Thanks Thamesphil - she made it to her 25th birthday then :)

9th March 2006, 10:38
Hi there,

These ships were scrapped at the Jiangyin yard in China, this yard was approved by PNO as up to safety standards. They apparently scrapped 20 plus PNO vessels there.

Dates as follows'

Palliser Bay ex ACT 7 arr 10.8.02
Resolution Bay arr 9.02
New Zealand Pacific arr 11.11.02
Mairangi Bay arr 6.02

The only vessel of this class to so far escape the breakers yard is the old Australian Venture which still trades today as the MSC Nuria.

Brgds/Mike Cornwall

9th March 2006, 10:46
thanks for that info.wonder how long the ex aussie venture will be around for?thanks again

Any Port in a Storm
9th March 2006, 12:07
Thanks for the info Mike.
Must have been a sad day for the crew that left them there, although I'm sure they gave them a good send off in the crew's bars on their final night aboard...
Resolution was my first ship!

5th May 2006, 13:35
I sailed on the maiden voyage of the Mairangi Bay. In fact I was the first person to raise the OCL house flag on her in the Bremer Vulkan shipyard. Although I left the MN many years ago, I was saddened when I read about her sailing to the breakers yard. It makes you feel old when you realise that every ship that you sailed on has now been scrapped!

5th May 2006, 14:10
"Australian Venture" was my last ship. Amazed to hear that she is still sailing. I remember the Chief Engineer telling me he always breathed a sigh of relief after rounding Cape Horn and getting abeam of Buenos Aires - never needed it, but he felt help was at hand. She'd had her ups and downs.

The trip was a barrel of laughs for me.

John T.

5th May 2006, 22:56
hello there,yes she is still trading as the msc nuria,i did vist her once in lyttelton when she was the msc nuria,wasnt the feel on board as when she had aussie crew,no life or laughs,she was falling apart in some areas i was reading somewere.about 12 months ago.p.s both of the on board bars were empty and stripped,guess msc no drinking policy.cheers matt (Thumb)

6th May 2006, 08:31
MSC Nuria still sailing as of March 2005

6th May 2006, 09:04
MSC Nuria still sailing as of March 2005
S/be 2006