History and information about Lodestone

Marieke Derks
8th June 2009, 18:43
I am producing a website for the yacht "Bleu de Nimes", which is the ex-RMAS Lodestone, a Royal British Navy degaussing vessel for submarines built by Clelands in 1980. She has recently been converted into a private yacht and is now temporarily stationed in Phuket, Thailand.

I am looking for information and pictures of "MS Lodestone". The reason is that I would like to include an "history section" about the Lodestone on the website. I have no knowledge of navy degaussing ships and I am trying to find the following:

1) General information and schematic drawings of how the degaussing of submarines worked in the 1980's especially with the assistance of a degaussing vessel. What was RMAS Lodestone's role and how did it work?

2) Good photo's of the Lodestone at work or at sea in her glory times

3) Stories or interesting facts concerning the Lodestone, tales of captains or crew who worked on her, voyages she made ....

If there would be any ex-captains or ex-crew that would be interested in exchanging information with me, I would be really happy to talk or email with them.

I have read an earlier thread from 2005 - 2007, and hope that some of you are still active in this forum.

-> Could anyone help me with this, or would you know anyone who could?

thank you so much,


Mrs. Marieke Derks

attached a photo of RMAS Lodestone and one of MY Bleu de Nimes

Stewart J.
16th June 2009, 08:40
Hi Marieke, have emailed this link and the Bleu de Nimes home link to several guys who served onboard and are now retired.



Marieke Derks
18th July 2009, 06:12
Hi Stewart,
Thank you so much, I have received an email from a CE who served on board of Lodestone and he has been really helpful. Soon (when the website is ready), I will post a link for comments on the history section.
Thanks again, really appreciate it,