10th June 2009, 16:28
hi would be grateful if anyone could tell me how to find a photo of
tyne tees steamship coy coaster NOVIAN COAST i believe she was scrapped in the sixties heres hoping cheers C.K.

ian d.cameron
10th June 2009, 18:06
Hello CK

10th June 2009, 19:51
Hi Turbot
There was 3 sister ships Novian Coast, Cyprian Coast and Sylvian coast.
Regards Manistee

11th June 2009, 14:47
Many thanks to Ian and Manistee for info on Novian Coast.

Your help is greatly appreciated regards turbot.

11th June 2009, 16:26
you don't, have to flounder around for long here to get info they are all s**t hot at it