10th June 2009, 20:40
Looking for photo of the Doric about 1928 time sam 2182

John Crossland
10th June 2009, 23:14
Hi Sam,

Click on "Gallery"
Scroll down
Click on "Passenger ships"
In "Search" put "Doric 1923"

That gives you 5 photos. There are 9 of them. To get the others type in just Doric instead of Doric 1923. (Thumb)

11th June 2009, 20:11
Thanks sam

dave beaumont
12th June 2009, 10:18
My father sailed on the Doric July 1928. I have the ships Grand Concert programme from trip. Commander S. Bolton R.N.R.rtd) in command. Dave

12th June 2009, 20:06
thanks Dave