Cunard stack color

jerome morris
12th June 2009, 18:51
I'm trying to find a good color for the smoke stacks on the SS Servia. It is a model that is in need of restoration and I'm not quite sure what color to paint the stacks.
Any ideas?

16th July 2009, 12:18
Check out the following.

25th July 2009, 16:01
Cunard red is basically the same as "red lead". Though for a model it needs to be toned down a little depending on the scale, remember also that when you apply matt varnish that will darken the colour a little as well.


29th July 2009, 19:21
Jerome, this was posted a couple of years ago,
Hope itís of use
Phill (Thumb)

jerome morris
30th July 2009, 13:53
Phill, Thanks for the link. after reading through I decided to PM Stephen Card about the color.