Cory's m.v Corbank

5th September 2005, 13:05
Hi Lads,

can't find a pic of this vessel anywhere. I was 2nd Mate on her in the late 70s cruising the Meddy and generally having a great time, what a mixed bag we were. Pensionable Cory Master, youngish ex-Blue Flue Mate, ex-BP Tanker 2/O (me) and 3/O was a fishing boat skipper out of the Clyde. Laughs galore. Anyhow, if anybody could whistle-up a photo of this sistership to the Corbeach I would be most grateful as it is the only vessel left of my 15 years service of which I'm missing a pic.

5th September 2005, 21:23
Hi Paul,
I have just posted a photo of Corbank in my gallery

27th May 2006, 22:48
Nelson, Paul0510, Zelo0510, R651400. Very good pics of these ships.
Google, Goole Shipbuilding.
go down to third.
Look in 1956.
All the best .
Barney. (Thumb)

28th May 2006, 17:02
Very good site indeed
thank you barney

This is very interesting to see some vessels made in Goole are still in existence even after more than 50 years. a tribute to good British engineering.

I also check the pictures of Corbank with a lot of attention