A Life on the Ocean Wave

fred henderson
6th September 2005, 17:03
In 1894/95 a batch of 36 destroyers were delivered to the RN from 14 shipyards. The vessels were about 200 ft long, 19 ft beam and had a full load displacement of about 280 tons, including about 70 tons of coal. They had a crew of 50 (mainly stokers) and were required to undertake patrols of up to 28 days. Their Establishment Stores for 50 men for 28 days were: -

Biscuit 1,800 lb
Sugar 173 lb
Chocolate 98 lb
Preserved beef 343 lb
Corned beef 325 lb
Mutton 343 lb
Potatoes 171 lb
Rice 171 lb
Pepper 4 lb
Oatmeal 42 lb
Candles 200 lb
Rum 21⅜ gallons
Vinegar 6 gallons


6th September 2005, 17:52
Looking at the rum amount and worked it out. It's only one tot each per day, but soon mounts up doesn't it!