H M S Hood

23rd June 2009, 21:24
hi there all you SN fellow members is there any one out there who could please tell me where i could get in touch to find the names of crew members of the H.M.S, HOOD .an old gent has asked me if i could help him in traceing one of his relations that was on the ill fated ship.any help would be greatly apprecated.
many thanks ship mates

23rd June 2009, 21:42
Hi Colin,

I think if you try HERE (http://www.hmshood.com/crew/index.htm) and HERE (http://www.hmshood.com/crew/memorial/index.htm) you could find what you are looking for.

Kind regards


23rd June 2009, 22:07
thanks chris for your quick reply much apprecated
regards coklin