tom e kelso
26th June 2009, 07:35
As I have mentioned before, Barrie Sanderson, joint author/compiler of "UGANDA -The Story of a Very Special Ship" has over the last few years been writing/compiling a companion volume featuring the "life" of the troopship and later educational cruise ship NEVASA.

At last the book has been completed, printed and is now available for purchase.

Those wishing to purchase should send a cheque to Barrie for 30 (25 book cost plus 5 p & p) made out to "The Uganda Trust" with "Nevasa" on the reverse. Please ensure that you enclose the address to which the book is to be sent (by the printers in Exeter)

You should allow the usual publishers' "28 days for delivery". Barrie advises that your cheque will not be paid in until you have confirmed having received the book in good condition. (Please remember to so do!)

Orders should be sent (with cheque as above) to:

Barrie Sanderson
"Tether's End"
Old London Road
SS11 8UE

His phone number is 01268 769583. (If you do wish to collect the book direct from the printer in Exeter or from Barrie at his home address (sans p & p) please let him know.

Back in March, at the final proof-reading stage, while not an official prospectus, and with possible subsequent amendments , Barrie described the book as likelyto have quote "328 pages including 24 "colour slides" - about 50 colour pictures. There are black and white pictures on most pages, except in the Appendix.

The chapters are:

Introduction (the hsitory of BI and trooping).
Chapter 1: The NEVASA (1) and NEVASA (2)
Chapter 2: Layout and technical summarey of NEVASA
Chapter 3: Launch, trials and shakedown cruise
Chapter 4: The maiden voyage and troopship era
Chapter 5: The lay-up and refit at Falmouth
Chapter 6: Educational cruising 1965-1971
Chapter 7: School Office Assistants
Chapter 8: Diary of a Party Leader, Cruise 120
Chapter 9: NEVASA's final years
Chapter 10: The final voyage.
Then an Appendix and Index Unquote

Happy reading!