SS France/Norway/Blue Lady photolog - Life & death of a great lady of the sea

27th June 2009, 15:32
Peter Knego has visited Alang many times and taken several photos of the beautiful France/Norway/Blue Lady as she met her untimely end on the breakers beach. The images can be seen here, they are copyrighted, so please do not copy or upload...

27th June 2009, 15:54
Very sad, looking at those pictures, she was more of an ocean Queen than any other vessel afloat. What I remember most of the accomodation was the Picasso stained glass partition in the Officers dining room.

27th June 2009, 16:06
Maritime Matters did a superb hisory of the ship and Peter added photos of her shortly before, after and during her demise to that history....scroll down the page on the link for photos taken in Alang...

The bow snip is a ceremony done to every ship just before breaking starts, it is a religious type celebration of the ship, a thanks for her life and a prayer for the safety of those about to break her.