7th September 2005, 16:42
would like to here from anyone who sailed on above especially 1960's

8th September 2005, 00:21
Sailed on Strathmore as passenger Bombay/Sydney was going out to join Palana as2nd electrician.My previous ship was Stratheden.Great trip besides sailing 1st class we had our normal wine acct.& the use of the bar boat deck behind bridge .This would be about 1953.

16th September 2005, 00:16
would like to here from anyone who sailed on above especially 1960's
hi chas i sailed 1950 1960 s fyffes cunard p s nc shaw savil xctra chat back some time

12th October 2009, 20:49
Hi Chas
Just found your post when trawling through old threads. I was 4/O in Strathmore in 1960, the Capt. was Leonard Henry Howard, Staff Capt. was Tom Whinyates and C/O John Chester (who was later Commodore).

13th October 2009, 19:42
hi chas,
strathmore was my first ship out of gravesend sea school. joined her as bellboy in sept. 1962 for a mediteranean cruise which was for 3 or 4 weeks i think. only did the one trip on her. paj

Hugh Ferguson
13th October 2009, 21:10
I never sailed on the Strathmore but I did sail in her (it's much nicer that way) in February 1955 as a passenger. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how one looks at it I had to leave her in Aden-I did so want to go all the way to Australia but it wasn't to be.

A lovely ship and what a lovely way to travel it was.