Australia's fastest currents add to AHS Centaur search challenge: Lucas

3rd July 2009, 08:24
Dealing with the Australian seaboard's fastest currents and dramatic underwater depth variations in the search area are clear challenges for the AHS Centaur search team, Deputy Premier Paul Lucas said today.

Mr Lucas, representing Premier Anna Bligh, today introduced Centaur search project manager British-based David Mearns to a stakeholder group at Parliament House.

"Resolving the Centaur mystery is of great national significance," said the Deputy Premier.

The Australian Hospital Ship Centaur was sunk by a Japanese submarine, east of Moreton Island on May 14, 1943. Of the 332 people on board, only 64 survived. ....cont./..

3rd July 2009, 09:20
How did a Bligh get to Queensland? I thought they were based in Sydney NSW!

4th July 2009, 08:12
Further to this intriguing story..