Chiltern Prince

Old Bakelite
7th July 2009, 20:50
12 Jan 81 -26 June 81 (when she was handed over to the Vietnamese).

This was a fun ship for a "senior" cadet. Runcorn down to the Med. Broken tooth, crushed finger, camel rides around the pyramids, being shafted by Romanian conmen trying to change money on the black market and finally...FINALLY, realizing that I could not hold my liquor!

The old man was ex P&O I think, very proper sort and liked to play bridge. Got myself, the Maltese agent's son and the 2/O (nice chap from Yorkshire) to join him after tea in his cabin.

I am sure that as I dig around in the memory more will spill out, but names are the hard parts.

7th July 2009, 21:43
I was 2/O on Cotswold Prince in 1974 and took a photo of Chiltern Prince passing us in the Medi.
See here:-

20th November 2011, 18:00
I was cadet/uncert third on this ship from 14/12/78 to 6/3/79. I joined at midnight in the locks at Brunsbuttel, having travelled all day from Harwich by ferry, train and taxi, bound to Rostock (then still Communist East Germany). We discharged the cargo of Israeli oranges there, then we shifted ship to load steel back for Israel. But it snowed, starting Christmas eve and finished around 5th Jan! I don't think we actually loaded the full consignment; it was 'lost in the snow in the rail yards' so we took what they could find, then sailed; we needed an ice breaker to get us out of the harbour. In the Keil Canal, due to the low temperatures, we had problems with the cooling systems icing up, and the engineers had problems keeping the main engine running. We had ice all the way to the Elbe Pilot cutter. Then as we were somewhare off the Falls, bound to Newhaven, we had a genny overspeed and throw the electrics off the board; hand steering and head up radar for the rest of the run, as the over voltage had damaged a number of circuits.

From Newhaven, we went to Lisbon for the final part of the cargo; and had a true Biscay crossing, being almost hove to at times, taking over a week between the to ports.

From Lisbon, we went to Ashdod, for full discharge, and managed a Sunday tourist trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem (where I met a P&O cadet I had recently been at college with) but then had to anchor for three weeks for the citrus cargo back to the UK, which we finally loaded in Haifa, for Belfast.
We took three days northbound across Biscay, and had a superb run weatherwise all the way from Haifa to Belfast......
I paid off there, then went to Warsash for phase three and Second Mate's.
Master J Lobban; C/O J Huddleston (went to OOCL later?);2/O J Page; C/E Roy Jones; 2/E ? but came from Norwich, I think.

Many more memories, no time or place to tell them.


21st November 2011, 19:10
Just read your message and it brought back a number of memories to me. I was the bloke you relieved and from the message I'm glad you did!
The crew on her were a good bunch and it was one the most enjoyable trips I did.