Wreck of 'Ventnor' found off Northland, NZ, ends a chapter of gold mining history

8th July 2009, 09:54
In a hauntingly beautiful area in Northland comes a story of two cultures and a discovery that will close a chapter in history.

Their story began in 1902 when a ship left Otago carrying the bones of around 500 Chinese gold miners.

They were returning to their homeland, but tragically the ship sank just a day after leaving New Zealand.

Woven through the sands of the remote Hokianga Coast, the secret was kept for more than a hundred years before it was finally uncovered.

"It was like finding gold," says Ventnor Project founder Liu Shueng Wong. "You know you dig around and you dig around and then, wow, I've got some gold. And this is so precious because it is a precious story for the Chinese community." ...cont../..