Cast Beaver Etc

8th July 2009, 13:02
I joined Denholm-Maclay as Chief Mate in order to get shorter trips on the mini-bulkers circa 1978; no surprise that I ended up on the early Cast Boats (Cast Beaver), UK registered, which were con-bulkers trading Antwerp to Montreal. I recall permanent riding squads trying to keep up with the leaking ballast tanks, sprung frames and brackets and double bottoms with more corrosion build up than ballast. Not forgetting the main deck that you could see through in way of No4 Hatch!

Crew from the Antwerp NUS Pool and very good. Latterly crew from Cape Verde Islands - not as good but willing.

Some phenomenal parties in Montreal and some glorious ladies to help them on their way - happy days. I can't recall any names except I think the Master was a MacKinnon ex Blue Star and a sup't called Bob Speedie (y?). Finally returned to good old general cargo tramping.

21st February 2013, 21:07
I was 3rd Engineer on Cast Beaver in about 1977. Normal route was Antwerp to Montreal ( container & General). Then Montreal to Dalhousie for bulk cargo and containers 7 back to Antwerp. Round trip was about 5 weeks as far as I can remember.

21st February 2013, 21:27

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