10th September 2005, 12:34
Today 9th September 2005 is the 25th anniversary of the loss of Bibby Line's Derbyshire (169,000 ton OBO) in the South China Sea during Typhoon Orchid, 44 lost.

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John t.

20th August 2013, 22:23
I remember the Derbyshire very well, and read with intregue some of the mails and books that try to identify what really happened.

Most of what I read makes sense as I was only 23 years of age when I joined the vessel in Japan with the majority of people who where lost in such tragic circumstances.

I left the vessel after a very torrid 3 months in which I witnessed many failings on what should of been a fantastic sea ship.

However what I can say is that without the dedication of Paul Lambert and the families association many more vessels may have foundered.

25th August 2013, 01:00
good day ,i have read the brief posting of the this old posting.any more information?a sad loss of life.may they rest in peace.regards ben27

25th August 2013, 21:08
Yes Ben. There is a long running thread on SN about Derbyshire. Just put Derbshire into the site sear h engine.

John T

27th August 2013, 01:44
good day,tha nk you for your informative reply.(p4) have a good day regards ben27