'Fairplay VIII' is to be preserved

10th July 2009, 11:22
On 2 July, Fairplay Towage of Hamburg formally handed over the 47 year old harbour tug Fairplay VIII to the ‘Foundation Hamburg Maritim’ to join its collection of historic ships.

With the 600bhp tug moored safely at its new berth at Sandtorhafen, Hamburg’s new museum port, Joerg Mainzer, managing director of Fairplay Towage, handed one of the original brass keys of the tug’s wheelhouse and the ship’s papers to Reinhard Wolf, Chairman of the Board of Foundation Hamburg Maritim.

Fairplay VIII will be open for visitors and the Foundation also plans to operate the tug for tours with special guests on occasions such as the famous annual ‘Hamburg Harbour Birthday’. The tug recently passed its intermediate survey at its original builders yard and the new owner has changed the company livery back to the traditional colours worn by Fairplay tugs prior to a change made in the 1990s. In future the maintenance and operation of the tug will be the responsibility of a team of enthusiastic volunteers.



10th July 2009, 18:48
Excellent news - wish we had the drive to do the same in this country.


10th July 2009, 18:53
Excellent news - wish we had the drive to do the same in this country.


While I agree with you 100% Jonty, it would appear successive governments in the UK seem hell bent on forgetting our maritime history.

Regards Robert