US Outports - Philadelphia

13th September 2005, 13:48
Those of you Cunard folks who sailed on the outports run in the late '60s may recognise the picture of Pier 19 almost directly under the Ben Franklin bridge. The area has been transformed from a pretty miserable industrialised area into a very nice tourist area with tree lined boulevards, marinas, restaurants, and a number of interesting maritime exhibits.

The Pier itself now has restaurants and a night club on the upper level with parking below. Come to think of it, it would have been very handy if those things were there back in the old days. (*))

Marcus Cardew
15th September 2005, 19:45
Blimey! Where did the old tanker hull's (for storing Molasses for the Coca-Cola factory) go!, or was that under the Walt Whitman Bridge?

15th September 2005, 23:12
Don't remember that at this location. It may have been under the Walt Whitman Bridge. There was once a distillery there and there were several sugar refineries. All are now long since gone. The Philadelphia Container terminals are now close to the Walt Whitman and last time I looked the old distillery had been replaced by a large parking lot for parking new imported cars.


14th October 2006, 20:12
The port of Philadelphia actually includes Camden, Gloucester City, NJ and the center city piers downtown as well as a 70+ stretch of the Delaware River from Bristol PA to Chester PA. There are now container piers at Tioga, Packer Avenue, as well as Holts in Gloucester City NJ. In the late 70's or so, Cunard's fruit ships offloaded Chilean fruit in Gloucester City. Yes, those sugar piers (and the bees!) are now gone and many of those locations are gearing up for casino gambling.
Cornelia (inspected fruit for bugs and disease for USDA way back when).

15th October 2006, 03:27
Ray and Corny,
Greetings from down under.
As you guys seem to be denizens of the 'City of Brotherly Love' and closer to the 'action' can you tell me what has becme of the ssUnited States?
Is the poor old girl still languishing, and more particularly in view of recent happenings with the Norway/France debacle, does anybody care? I for one do, but it is a little difficult for one so far away.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
David D.

15th October 2006, 14:38
She is still rotting away in Philadelphia. I took some photos of her last year which you can see in my gallery. NCL still claims to be exploring the possibility of putting her back into service but I suspect that is nothing more than a PR exercise and doubt that it will ever happen. There is also an attempt being made to have her declared a National Monument in which case the government would have to restore her to her former glory. Unfortunately that effort doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.
Sadly, I think she will just continue to rot away where she is for many more years to come and until it is too late to do anything with her.


15th October 2006, 22:31
"Former denizen" of Philadelphia <g>. Yes, the ss United States is still at Pier 82 sandwiched between a working paper pier and former fruit pier. Take a look at for efforts to save her. Susan Gibbs, grandaugher of William Frances Gibbs, is part of this group and the conventions have featured former crew members and efforts to film a documentary about her to gain some publicity.