Mass. to search for lost Revolutionary War ship; Preserve site of first naval battle

19th July 2009, 16:50
BOSTON — Somewhere along an industrial stretch of river pocked with rotting piers and towering salt piles north of Boston lies the answer to one of the great riddles of the Revolutionary war.

Where is the final resting place of the British schooner, the HMS Diana?

The river — known as Chelsea Creek — separates the city of Chelsea from the East Boston neighborhood of Boston. Today the river is plied by oil tankers and home to a landscape dotted with the city’s iconic tripledeckers.

But more than 200 years ago, the creek was the site of one of the earliest and least-remembered engagements of the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Chelsea Creek was also the first naval engagement of the American Revolution.

For two days in May 1775, British Redcoats and members of the Continental Army battled up and down the waterway.