HMAS Sydney and HMAS Ballarat in New York - Northern Trident

20th July 2009, 06:35
HMAS Sydney and HMAS Ballarat receive a warm welcome upon their arrival in New York (video):

The ships are taking part in Operation Northern Trident, a six month international deployment:

27th July 2009, 06:20
I would say it was a great day for Australia. It's nice to see the show of the flag.


28th July 2009, 06:52
First Aussie ships in NY since I was there on Hmas Hobart 1976
American Bicentenial

29th July 2009, 01:20
Why such a long time, I wonder? Australia seems to have always been in fairly close cooperation with the US when it comes to naval exercises. I guess the Pacific is a big bath tub to play in! :) And I'm sure the US sailors enjoy coming out here.


p.s. My uncle was on HMAS Hobart (I), which visited Hiroshima not long after the bomb had been dropped.