Russian Navy faces collapse

fred henderson
20th July 2009, 13:14
The Moscow based Independent Military Review has reported that the Russian navy is on the verge of “irreversible collapse”, largely because the ships in its existing fleet only have 10 years operational life left. The Russian shipbuilding industry is already in a state of collapse and is unable to produce major warships in either the quantity or to the quality needed to sustain the fleet. Furthermore the only shipyard that was capable of building aircraft carriers during the Soviet era is located in what is now Ukraine.

In a desperate effort to enable the service to survive, it is reported that Russian naval officials are: -

1. In talks with the French naval shipbuilders DCN about the joint production of Mistral class amphibious assault ships.
2. Joining with DCN and systems house Thales in the preliminary stages of a project to design and build a series of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers for the navies of both countries.
3. Discussing the acquisition of submarines from Germany.

Fred (Thumb)

8th November 2009, 05:08

Interesting article on the Russian Navy. I read recently the Russian Navy was still in talk's about the building of said ship. I have read the Powers to be in Russian are now on a building program to renew the fleet as we speak.

I have provided a link to a new report on the Russian Navy you find interesting.