Swedish 'Cloud' ships

14th September 2005, 06:59
Can anyone tell me what became of the 'Cloud' series of ships of the Swedish Australia Line which were introduced on the Australian service from the late 40's onwards. the first was Nimbus, followed by Stratus, then Cirrus and Cumulus. They were very fast for their time, Nimbus reported 22.7 knots on trials, probably 19 in service. Twin screw motorships, first two about 7000 dwt, later ones somewhat larger. All extremely sleek well balanced in appearance. I think originally 12 passengers, but accommodation subsequently stripped out. I last saw Cumulus in the early 60s, in good shape but bridge deck accommodation stripped bare.
Somewhere I have a photo of Nimbus at Geelong loading, of all things, bulk wheat, will post it when/if I ever find it. any information appreciated!

25th September 2005, 05:15
After a short burst of googling I found the answer to my own question! There is a very interesting website which deals with Swedish ships, including the Swedish Transatlantic Line, of which the Swedish Australia operation was a part. Lots of photos of these sleek speedsters, including some near identical ones with American names. The address is kommandobryggan.se/Bryggan/trans.htm and I strongly recommend it to our members. I read an article in Ships Monthly regarding the Blue Funnel 'H' series, and the writer noted that the Cloud ships were about the only ones at that time that could give them a run for their money.