Mangalore Coast now a graveyard of ships (with photos)

21st July 2009, 07:09
MANGALORE, July 21, 2009: Situation was never so bad for the Mangalore coast, if one goes counting the sunken ships, the headline given to this story will look so appropriate. But it is too terrible a comparison to the beautiful sea.

The ships that lie on their sides with thousands of tons steel, oil, grease and other things on the ship like furniture and many other things that will eventually rot. But in the recent accident of M.V. Asian Forest things are much more grave. It is the deadly combination of Iron ore, furnace oil and high speed diesel that is worrying the pollution control board now.

The fishermen have already indicated that the iron ore will wreak havoc with the sanity of waters in the area while the officials in the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board say that the iron ore will settle down on the sea bed in a large area blocking the sea bed for years to come. As long as it stays inside the hold of the sunken ship it will be safe, but the ship might eventually break up during the lateral movement of water and the spillage of iron ore fines will be exposed to water sending pollution in all directions.