World War II ship that crossed ocean to Mobile in 2001 named "Historic Place"

24th July 2009, 08:09
LST-325 battled through World War II, made a famous voyage across the Atlantic to Mobile nine years ago, and became a floating piece of American history last month.

Serving as a museum in Evansville, Ind., the 65-year-old ship was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 24.


24th July 2009, 20:27
Interesting Thread ! I notice the photgraph shows her sailig along with one bow door half open - amazing !
This landing craft reminds me of ww2 which saw the defeat of Germany whilst the Japanese war still went on. The landing craft in the european theatre were needed out east and so it became a common sight to see merchant ships steaming down to Gibraltar and through the Meddy, towing one and sometimes two landing craft behind them. This cam to an end when the atomic bombs were dropped and Japan surrendered.

stan mayes
24th July 2009, 21:49
Hi Sid,
I sailed in Empire Baltic ex LST 3519 for 4 and half years on Tilbury,Antwerp and Hamburg service...built in Montreal.
We were transporting Army tanks and vehicles..
Before sailing we had hard work in securing the ramps and bow doors.
The huge ramp was secured by eight large bottlescrews from inside the hold then through a small hatch we entered the space between the ramp and doors and there were four heavy steel beams stowed vertically there.
With the use of tackles [handy billies]we positioned the beams horizontaly from door to door and then secured them with four large bolts each end..
These beams were a necessity as the doors could be damaged and lost in the North Sea weather and some were.
We had a work system on the ship known as 'Door to door'.
Some of the crew had wives or girl friends in Hamburg so as soon as the doors were opened they went ashore and returned one hour before sailing.
This was the same with the 'Tilbury' men.
Usually a 20 to 30 hours turnround Tilbury and Hamburg.
Owners were Frank Bustard and sons and they were a very good company...