Rio Cobre

27th July 2009, 01:09
Hi there,

Anybody out there ever sail on the Rio Cobre? I was on her from 5/7/73 - 2-11-73.

Kev Barry.

16th August 2009, 18:22
Hi sailed on rio cobre from 1.12.72 to 26.4,73 as 2nd steward not a bad ship. R815614 eddie

17th August 2009, 23:13
Hi Eddie,
Good to hear from a fellow Rio Cobreairian ;-? Just missed you by 3 month, close, or what! Andy Moore, a steward from Scotland was Already on her when I joined her in Cork, as was the bosun Peter Duncan and his brother Dave, The captain was Brian Williams, did you meet them? Yeah she wasn't a bad ship, but with no aircon it was a bit of a sweatbox going through the Panama Canal.

27th August 2009, 19:39
Hi sailed on the Roatan as well also Patuca and Pacuare and a couple of the C.class wiyh no AC and it was a bit sticky, but usualy had a good crew.Eddie

andy poynter
31st December 2010, 03:35
my name is andy poynter i joined her in dry dock at southampton early 70s for a 6 month trip to hell.we all walked off in new orleans over the bad conditions,port alley way floading with stinking water all the time,and she was a sweaty bucket of misery.ludo knight was donkey man ,i was o.s at the time.i remember some good stories but cant put them on here to protect the not so innocent.

Simon D
1st January 2011, 06:45
Sailed on on Rio Cobre 23\7\74 to 16\12/74 was certainly a sweat box but we had a great set of lads so some great memories.