The Salamaua

yorky jim
30th July 2009, 14:58
I am looking up the above ship .

I have been given this info .....

I suggest the correct name is SALAMAUA official number 144193.
Laid down as SALAMANDER in 1920 and changed to GLENTARA for (Glen Line).
1929 renamed MILVERTON (Elder Dempster)
1934 renamed SALAMAUA (W.R.Carpenter & Co)
1948 renamed LAUTOKA (Pacific Shipowners)

My father had spelt the name incorrectly on the back of the photo, so it,s taken some time in finding it.

Are there any very large photo,s her , during the war years ?

This image is of the upper deck ,of coarse...and she was taking D.R,s from Por Said to Famagusta

yorky jim

31st July 2009, 12:47

If all else fails and you wish to purchase a photo, see


yorky jim
31st July 2009, 16:48
Dennis ,
many thanks for that link ..(Thumb)

yorky jim