The get to gether

15th September 2005, 19:56
After all the upheavel of the last few day,s can i assume we are still thinking about a hooly somtime in the future, It would seem a pity to forget all about it, Probibly do the site a lot of good, Getting to know the guy,s and gals who are only words on the screen, Bob

15th September 2005, 22:51
Unfortunately Bob not enough members were available for it so Doug called it off. I'm with you I would have loved to have sat down and put faces to some of the members.

I still have my fingers crossed that we can pull it off some day.

Jan Hendrik
15th September 2005, 23:37
I actually had the same in mind for a get together Down Under as there are many SN members in OZ/NZ area whereby perhaps we could also greet some from Europe and U.S. and I would have no problems with organising such event as I have done several times before for similar situations.
Yet, I think best is to wait a little until the delicate matter with the site is well behind us and surely we need the okay by Steve who is the owner/administrator of SN.
I have no problems that only 50 members or so would attend. Could not look after 500 or so anyway.....
I already approached a supermod at an earlier stage, but in due course we have to take it up with Steve before taking the next step.

15th September 2005, 23:52
I think you would get a large acceptance for the OZ/NZ one Jan, I personally would be there with bells on.

By the way where are all the lovely ship paintings from a calender series you teased us with before you went away on your trip, the sample you posted looked magnificent?

Jan Hendrik
16th September 2005, 01:46

I posted some pictures yesterday, one under Trampers and Steamers (Nora Maersk) and two under tall ships (Resolution" and "R.C.Rickmers), more is coming, but it takes a bit of time.
You also realise I have to keep the peace at home so can only continue in between the other housie chores. We are probably all in the same boat.

I would think there could be quite a number of people attending at such meeting.
I think min. 2 days to max 3 days in a hotel.
When you book say 20-30 rooms, then you get the conference room free and I can easily work out a plan.
Also a program is quite easy to fix (done that before) incl a possible program for spouses in case there are enough, e.g. a bus tour for them to the Great Ocean Road. A separate program for the shiplovers to the port or any other maritime environment as part of the package, etc.
Enough to think about.
Let's wait and see.

Jan Hendrik
16th September 2005, 02:28
Derek, another one today (done in between other chores....) Pommern , Tall Ships.

16th September 2005, 06:40
A you're a good man Jan, please forgive my senior moment. For the last meeting I actually prepared a document containing suggested agendas etc, if you want it I will email it to you