Royal Interocean Lines

16th September 2005, 09:14
Tried to find anything on Royal Interocean Lines or Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen NV, Netherlands on this site but so far no pictures etc. Their ships always fascinated me when I saw them on my voyages. They always looked so well maintained and their trading routes were very interesting. They never went back to Holland but all over the Far East, Australasia, Africa and South America - must have been great trips!?

16th September 2005, 09:52

Don't know these ships personally but you may find this link of interest.


16th September 2005, 10:11
Ahoy Paul,
How many will you have posted, I do have a few 100's of them and which one,and yes indeed they looked very well maintained, and very interesting trips. ( ( tp:// (

Jan Hendrik
16th September 2005, 10:17
Paul ,
KNSM, KPM, KNJCPL, Koninklijke Lloyd, Hollandse Lloyd and many more have all merged into what eventually became Nedlloyd and you know what happened to them recently.

You will find a lot of info on the internet and in reality they had hundreds of vessels.
I got quite a few (black and white) in my collection and I am sure Ruud would have them all.....!!

KNSM e.g.


and you just got the KNJCPL

In case you are looking for a specific vessel in particular then please let us know as hopefully we can find her.

16th September 2005, 11:22
A very interesting site is this one,written in Dutch, but you can find a lot of Nostalgia on it, made by a friend of mine Willem van Voorst, and showing all kind of ships,company's,:liners,freighters,coasters, in the post war time, at war and the losts of many.Just have a look and see for yourself.

Bruce Carson
16th September 2005, 13:06
A fine site on some of the JCJL ships may be found at the following URL:

Bruce C.

16th September 2005, 17:59
and I am sure Ruud would have them all.....!!
Yes I think I do have them all (*))
Isn't she a "beauty"? Like Paul said they were well maintained. ( (
Name:Straat Agulhas
Call sign:PHDV
Company:"K.J.C.P.L.Kon.Java-China-Paketv. Lijn - Amsterdam"
Wharf:"v.d.Giessen de Noord Krimpen a/d. IJssel (866)"
L.o.a. x Br. x H.: 160,84x23,07x13,26
Eng:2TE 6 cil. Stork (800x1600) 13.500 rpk
"Launched as STRAAT AGULHAS*.
In 1977 to Nedlloyd Lijnen
In 1978 renamed in NEDLLOYD AGULHAS*(PHVD).
In 1980 to Panama as VICTORIA 1.
In 1982 in charter for Nedlloyd as NEDLLOYD AGULHAS, Panamese flag.
In 1985 ACCASIA.
In 1991 at Gadani Beach in Pakistan demolished."

26th November 2005, 07:30
Ahoy Ruud,

I had a look at the web site and it looks interesting. The section marine radio is of special interest as I have been a Ham Radio Operator for a number years. Licence now lasped but could be reactivated at any time. Many years ago I was involved with the Wellington Coastal Radio Station (ZLW). I worked briefly with the rigging section based in Wellington. However as the arendnet site is in Dutch, I need to translate the site using some of the net translation services to get the full benifit of the web page. Great photos of the older ships and their radio rooms. Any R/O of old would enjoy the site.

Again, a great site and thanks for documenting the web site.

Blair Lagerstedt

4th May 2006, 09:24
I just came across your post, as I am relatively new at this.
There is a local..(Oz) site.. which is run by a guy in Brisbane who appears to have worked for the company in the final years.
He has some teriffic stuff, including pix,brochures,deck plans etc and pix of stuff he has collected over the years.
David D...Sunshine Coast. (*))

Bruce Carson
4th May 2006, 12:29
Another fine site for Dutch ships is "VB Pictures", with hundreds of superb illustrations by the site's owner, C. E. A. van Boeckel.
It is an amazing display of maritime art and shouldn't be missed.

Bruce C.

5th May 2006, 01:51
Hi Bruce, I only came across that site last week or so. It is absolutely SUPERB. The detail is amazing. In many ways the drawings are better than photos.
Just a dream....imagine if he had teamed up with Duncan Haws and supplied the illustrations and DH did the research and wrote the copy ???
Wouldn't they be little books to die for?
David D.

9th April 2009, 06:13
The Straat "A" boats are surely the most beautiful cargo vessels ever built? I was so lucky to sail on the Nedlloyd Amsterdam (we called it "Straat Mokum") and the day I left that vessel was the last day I ever enjoyed being on a ship!!! Anyone who has photo's of that vessel, please send them to me!!!

Robert Bush
9th January 2013, 20:17
Was lucky enough to sail on the old Nieuw Holland from Singapore to Sydney via Indonesian ports in I think1958.

A very happy voyage the old ship, all teakwood and brass creaked as she rolled. The Dutch officers spoke English with Aussie accents and the Master was a good type inviting me to the Bokkma Club. Food was excellent and the crew well trained

On the Queen's birthday we drank her health with Orange Blossom cocktails. Passengers were nearly all Aussies and very friendly many had done the round trip to Hong Kong the ship's home port.