Adderly Sleigh--reason for name

Edward Sleigh Hewlett
14th August 2009, 05:55
I am curious as to why the "Adderly Sleigh" was so named. Adderly Sleigh, a captain in the Royal Navy who also served Portugal, was my great-grandfather. If anyone can enlighten me as the origin of the name, I would be grateful. I realize there was a shipping company with the name "Sleigh" in it, but how did "Adderly" become attached to the name. There were a couple of other Sleigh names, including "Gervaise" (which occurs in our family) and "Harold" (I am not aware that it so occurs.)

14th August 2009, 07:20
Maybe HC Sleigh was the black sheep of your family, sent to Australia as a 'remittance man' :) .
He started Golden Fleece in 1913 which was one of Australia's first petrol and oil distributors. The coy was finally taken over by Caltex in the early 80's. More here and more if you google Sleigh and Golden Fleece.

I'm not sure when they started operating tankers... maybe in the mid 50's. One you missed was I think the Hamilton Sleigh which I assume was the founder's name. Their last ship in the late 70's didn't have a Sleigh name.. and I can't for the life of me remember it. They were not generally considered to be the best of employers.
The tankers were always in international trade, I think they rarely if ever came to Australia. In the the 60's they bought the British passenger ships.. Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and placed them on the Oz/Far East service as Francis Drake and George Anson. They were, I think, Hong Kong registered in the ownership of Dominion Far East Line. They were replaced with an ex Brazilian ship - renamed Marco Polo - in the early 70s.
In the late 60's, early 70s they also had a small cargo ship - Abel Tasman running mainly NZ/Oz.
Hope this helps,

PS in the late 60's early 70s the Golden Fleece Roadhouses served the best breakasts in Australia if not the planet..

PPS their last ship may have been Wil Adams... an ex Athel tanker.. willing to stand corrected on this.

John Crossland
14th August 2009, 08:19
Hi Edward,

Check out :-

14th August 2009, 15:19
Greetings Edward and welcome to SN on your first interesting posting.
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Edward Sleigh Hewlett
16th August 2009, 09:18
Thanks, John and Senior Member. It seems that the "Sleigh" part of the ships' names is explained very naturally by the fact that a Sleigh founded the line. But the fact that two of the names are found in my Sleigh family leads me to wonder what the connection was between the shipping Sleighs and my ancestors. Among the writings of Adderly Sleigh are the following, related to the sea (from "COPAC Brief Records" on the internet:

The Amazon; with suggestions for preventing the loss of steam ships. / [by] Sleigh, Adderley W. . 1852

Illustrated description of the Buoyant Sheltering Sea Barrier, for the formation of sheltered floating harbours of safety, etc. / [by] Sleigh, Adderley W. . 1842

Illustrated description of the buoyant sheltering sea barrier, for the formation of sheltered floating harbours of safety, etc / [by] Sleigh, Adderley W., Captain . 1842

Nautical re-organisation and increase of the trading marine. Also a practical plan for manning the Royal Navy without impressment, and proposals to ameliorate the present condition of the mariners of Great Britain. / [by] Sleigh, Adderley W. . 1840

Edward Sleigh Hewlett
16th August 2009, 09:29
Sorry. I see that I repeated one of the titles above.

I tried to access the Oceana site but the messages seemed to be private and there were none listed for the discussion of H. C. Sleigh Ltd. If I knew how to join that forum I might ask questions there, but at the moment I don't see how. Maybe I'll try later (its very late here in Canada).

16th August 2009, 10:29
I think there is most likely a family link at whatever remove...
HC Sleigh wasn't by all accounts a sailor. .. just someone that saw a dollar in importing 'case oil' and selling motor spirit.
In naming the ships eventually owned I guess he or whoever just used old family names or they had been passed down his family line, sons and daughters maybe. Good luck

16th August 2009, 10:38
More stuff here

This should let you know if he was one of yours or not....

A bit on Hamilton here


John Crossland
16th August 2009, 10:45

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Edward Sleigh Hewlett
16th August 2009, 22:54
Thanks for the help. Using the information that H. C. Sleigh was the shipping "magnate," I Googled his name and at
found his biography, which gave the information that he was the son of Hamilton Norman Sleigh. I have some genealogical charts from A.C. Sleigh's family history entitled The Sleighs of Derbyshire and Beyond. Chart 9 shows Hamilton Norman Sleigh as the son of Captain Adderly Willlcocks Sleigh and his first wife, Eliza Elgin Benson. So the mystery of the ship name "Adderly Sleigh" and its connection to our family is solved!

Edward Sleigh Hewlett
16th August 2009, 23:05
--Intersting biographical note on Sir Hamilton Sleigh. --Thanks, John.

Richard Maskiell
17th August 2009, 13:45
--Intersting biographical note on Sir Hamilton Sleigh. --Thanks, John.

There is a very detailed history of the HC Sleigh shipping interests in The Log (magazine of the Nautical Association of Australia) over three quarterly issues May-Aug-Nov 1979.

It indicates that HC Sleigh's grandfather was a Captain Adderley Sleigh RN from a Derbyshire family. However, checking through a few old Navy Lists I can't see any reference to this gentleman.