Kenya again

16th August 2009, 17:04
British India passenger ship KENYA 1951 1959.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with the following information regarding the five hatches of this ship.

I assume that number one, in the fore welldeck had a raised coaming.

But what of the other four, were they raised or flush fitting?

To refresh memories, their positions were:

Nr. 1 Fore welldeck.
Nr 2 Directly in front of bridge.
Nr. 3 Between bridge and engineroom accommodation.
Nr. 4 Between first class swimming pool and Verandah ballroom (Prom deck).
Nr. 5. Just aft of tourist swimming pool.

My own (guess) is that Nr. 1 was raised and possibly Nr. 2 as well, but feel 3, 4 and 5 were flush, but not really sure.

Bob Wilson

Ron Stringer
16th August 2009, 18:41

Stan Mayes posted a photo in the Gallery showing an almost beam-on view that might be of help. There are other photos in the Gallery if you do a search there.

Good luck

16th August 2009, 19:16
Hi Ron,

Thanks for reply (from fellow R/O).
That is a really fine photograph and I have not seen it before - thanks.
I really wanted to do the ship with black hull as I think she looked better that way, but finally settled on white because that was what she was most of the time.

I have been ambling along with this one for some time and this is the first time I have "gone public".

This is a picture of her some weeks ago, but today, I fitted the boat deck and I really need to know about these hatches if I am to make a decent representation.

Normally, I make about one a month, but I am not having much luck with my queries on this one.

Years ago, I narrowly missed sailing in KENYA. She was stuck in Durban as the only R/O with 1st class had been hospitalised following accident. I was 4th R/O on WINDSOR CASTLE and a request came to "borrow" a volunteer for trip home on KENYA. I had already been at sea about 5 years and was "pig sick" of being 4th, so I volunteered. Captain said "OK if Chief R/O agrees." But chief R/O wouldn't agree (would have had to take a watch on way home), so I missed my chance. Always did like the look of KENYA.

Best wishes

tom e kelso
17th August 2009, 22:48
Can't understand this with respect to R/O's holding lst Class certificates. I may be wrong, but am unaware of an accident causing the situation to be compromised. The late Jack Masterman (C/R/O ) who served in this position for the whole life of the ship, and John Mennell (2/R/O), pre 1958 to 1969 both possessed lst Class certificates. As far as I am aware neither of these long serving R/O's ever had a voyage "off" leaving only one lst class certificate aboard.