Brazilian Nuclear Submarine Programme

fred henderson
19th September 2005, 11:26
The Brazilian Navy has reported that it only has 2 airworthy Skyhawk attack aircraft left out of a fleet of 22 that are assigned to its aircraft carrier. The ex RN Type 22 frigate "Greenhalgh" has just been laid up because of lack of funds. Yet the Navy has completed building a prototype indigenous nuclear reactor. They have spent US $1 billion on the programme so far.They are now trying to accumulate US $120 million to build and operate a land based test facility for their prototype.
If they are lucky and the prototype works, they plan to build an operational reactor and to buy technical support from either Russia or France for the construction of an attack submarine in Brazil. I do not see them getting any change out of another US $1 billion for that part of the programme.
"Only the five established nuclear powers - China, France, Russia, UK and USA - have fielded nuclear-powered submarines and successfuly doing so would be a major boost to Brazil's prestige."
It makes our Admiralty look comparatively sane!


19th September 2005, 11:39
It's not 1st April, is it? Scary or what!

20th September 2005, 02:28
Stand by for an explosion in the price of coffee (if nothing else)!

John T.

20th September 2005, 07:19
bit like letting a child play with a loaded pistol.