geoff smith 1932
28th August 2009, 21:56
Why were the mainmasts removed from the "H Boats" ?

30th August 2009, 09:47
could be that they no longer needed such a radio aerial with satnav and no need of a RO and morse code.

30th August 2009, 09:57
Geoff, Hi.
I assume you mean N.Z.S.C. boats. The RANGI boats and RAUHINE also had them removed. I believe it was to do with economics to save paint and maintainence. Same reason in Shaw Saville when they removed the white line from the hull. This was at the time the "accountants" started running shipping companies.
Cheers John.

geoff smith 1932
30th August 2009, 13:02
It happened long before the days of Satnav etc,ROs were still essential and morse code was still being used.
I blame "The Accountants" or some other jobsworth who did not know what a ship should look like.
Regards and best wishes.

31st August 2009, 09:45
So those 'Accountants' could be the parents of the current 'Naval Architects'?

Regards, John

geoff smith 1932
31st August 2009, 21:08
They are indeed a breed apart.

22nd September 2009, 23:49
This took place in the mid 60's, probably about '64. I was a sparks with NZS from 62-69 and remember it happening. Never seemed to make much sense at the time, a whim of the board members in their collective wisdom. The cost factor mentioned in this thread is probably pretty near the truth although it doesn't seem that it would save much in the way of paint, especially when you factor in the cost of removal of loads of after masts. It did generate one or two irritations such as the need to reroute the main aerial resulting in a much poorer aerial set up. Also, where were they to fly the ensign on Sundays?

There was a great deal of cost cutting going on at the time such as getting rid of the butcher and reducing crew numbers generally. NZS was a good company to work for but I suppose this sort of thing marked the beginning of the end.

David Davies
23rd September 2009, 16:27
The main mast on the H boats only carried the after steaming light. When it went out I can remember climbing up the the swinging wire ladder with a squirrel cage bulb in my shirt, standing on the lamp bracket, unscrewing the top flap and replacing the bulb and examining the socket for signs of corrosion. This was really the leckies job, I wonder why he didn't do it? My last time on Sussex 1954 I reported heavy corrosion not only in the lantern but also in the ladder. Perhaps this was the reason for their removal, no one came up to verify my findings

David Ambrose
27th September 2009, 19:39
The attached photo shows two H boats in Falmouth (in the background) in May 1967. I remember someone telling us that they had just had their mainmasts removed.