Leon Falk Jr / Winter Hill

kewl dude
4th September 2009, 05:02
I been looking for this - attached -- for sometime and finally found it. 1961 I was Wiper on a new Great Lakes conversion from a WW II 1945 built T2. Beginning life as the Cities Service tanker Winter Hill, in the winter of 1960-1961 it was converted at Bethlehem Key Highway shipyard in Baltimore Md to become a Great Lakes ore carrier named Leon Falk Jr.

The attached mentions that we carried our first cargo into Cleveland the day before the Christening in Cleveland, but this brochure does not mention that we loaded that first cargo in Sept Isles, then carried it down the St Lawrence Seaway.

After discharging that first cargo at the C & P ore dock we shifted over to the East Ninth Street Pier where we were over the weekend. At first since there was SO much to get done all of we three wipers worked days. That weekend since there was so much celebrating going on we were given the weekend off. So naturally we spent as much time as we could ashore.

Greg Hayden

4th September 2009, 23:31
kewl dude,
I have access to a unique memento from the ship. It is a heavy set of bookends made from a large nut which was sawed in half vertically, bronzed, polished, and mounted on hardwood bases. Each half bears an engraved name plate reading "SS Leon Falk, Jr." I think I could take pictures if you are interested.

11th March 2012, 20:29

I am interested in seeing the bookends. Can you post a photo. Are their other, perhaps, smaller mementos of the ship Leon Falk Jr.?