kewl dude
4th September 2009, 05:19
ss Columbia at sea October 21, 1968

The Columbia was a 26,000 ton jumboized T2 converted to a bulk carrier. When I sailed her she was on the European Coal Run. Prior to the administration of President John F Kennedy the US wrote checks to pay for utilities provided to US facilities and military bases in Europe.

JFK started the US paying for these utilities with low sulfur American coal. There were 26 ships on this run. Loading in Philadelphia PA or Norfolk VA we discharged at a remote steel plant in Holland, a coal dock right down town Amsterdam behind Central Station, or anchored in the middle of the stream behind Central Station discharging into bulk canal vessels. Once we also discharged at a coal dock in Antwerp.

So this "at sea" was somewhere in the Atlantic between US east coast and Europe.

Greg Hayden