King George V class Battleship - HMS Ajax

5th September 2009, 05:39
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Bill Hay
11th September 2009, 05:14
If memory serves me, Ajax was one of three cruisers which tackled the Graf Spee off Montivideo in WW2, and was not a K G 5 class battleship.
I look forward to confirmation or correction.
Bill Hay

Steve Woodward
11th September 2009, 20:13
Click on the link above ( blue writing) and all will be revealed.
There have been eight Ajax's in the RN, the link concerns the sixth Ajax, the seventh Ajax was part of Force G which took on the Admiral Graf Spee

22nd October 2015, 23:50
Can you tell me more about HMS Ajax? My grandfather sailed on this ship. Where would I find crew lists? Thanks