'daniel Adamson'

23rd September 2005, 15:42
Hi everyone,

Just a little note to promote a project that I am involved with.

On 21st February 2004, I along with other professionals, enthusiasts and people who were determined to save this fine example from the scrap yard formed the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society (D.A.P.S).

We began our efforts by making the vessel water tight and pumped a substantial amount of water from her which had accumulated over the years.

After a few weeks she was given a certificate to enable her to be towed to her new home in Liverpool where work has been frantic and rewarding.

You can follow our efforts on the web site www.danieladamson.com

I hope you enjoy what you see.


George. (Gleam)

23rd September 2005, 16:26
Excellent site George, keep up the good work, and all the best for the future.

Doug Rogers
24th September 2005, 03:15
Welcome to the site and I am sure that members would love an update as the work progresses.

24th September 2005, 19:55
Hello George,

Welcome to the site. Please give my regards to Neil Marsden, ex work colleague and shipmate on the Prince William, and please accept my congratulations on a great project. I wish you all the very best of luck with it.
May the Force be with you, which one are you with ?.

Kind regards


26th September 2005, 10:24

I am with Merseyside Police, but that could all be changing if the recommendations are put thru Parliament. Already there is talk of possibly some form of merger with parts of Cheshire but we will have to wait and see.

I mentioned this site to Neil on Saturday and I will send him an email straight away.

Thanks for your words of support over the project, it is going to be a long slog but the determination is there although lots of the senior members are well into their retirement. It is like therapy to them and keeps them active.

Best wishes,


neil marsden
26th September 2005, 11:26
Hello Everyone,
Thanks for the e-mail George and good to see Chris up there too!!
I hope some readers of these pages will check our progress on the 'DAPS' web-site and may consider lending their support to the project. Aside from the web-site which is regularly updated (see 'Sizzling Success') members receive a quarterly newsletter containing progress reports, general news and an occasional competition. The web-site provides details and a downloadable membership form, for those interested in giving their support. As you can see, thanks to George we even enjoy some social 'get-togethers' now and again. We hold regular working parties aboard each Tuesday and alternate Saturdays. We also promote the project attending regular rallies, our next being on Sunday 2nd October (this coming weekend!) at Pacific Road, Birkenhead. Members can participate in working parties or if they prefer just provide their support, either way it's a tremendous project. Unfortunately for security and insurance reasons the vessel is not open to the public and access is restricted to members of the society only.

Now must look at the rest of this great site, best wishes to all.


neil marsden
26th September 2005, 11:37
Just sorting out my nationality here!!

26th September 2005, 14:05
Welcome aboard Neil.

Knew I'd get you!!!!!!!!


26th September 2005, 14:45
Hi George,
Best wishes to D.A.P.S. and you. Good website. Keep up the good work.
Best regards,

neil marsden
30th September 2005, 10:03
'Ahoy Ruud!'

Glad to see that you've checked out the web-site and left your comments on the 'Guest Book' there is a short delay before the new entries transfer to the main site, this was necessary as the 'guest book' was attracting nuisance material so that we now filter any 'spam' beforehand.

Best wishes