Global Mariner

Bob S
5th November 2004, 14:23
Seen in the West India Dock in London on the 4th July 1998, GLOBAL MARINER (79/12778) was operating as an ambassador for the International Transport Federation. I believe she was lost a short while after.

5th November 2004, 20:25
She was a Bank Line ship originally was she not?

Bob S
6th November 2004, 17:03
She looks like one but I don't know. Previous to GLOBAL MARINER, she was the Hong Kong registered LADY REBECCA of South Asia Shipping Ltd.

david smith
6th November 2004, 17:33
Yes, the Global Mariner was the 1979 built Rudbank (later Lady Rebecca) before taking on her role as ambassador for workers rights for ITF. She had 12 cadets on board when struck by the Atlantic Crusader and sank in the Orinoco River in August 2000

6th November 2004, 20:01
Thanks David.Saw her building if she was RUDDBANK.Sad end for her.

david smith
7th November 2004, 15:25
A bit more on this ship. Taken from SHIPPING -Today & Yesterdasy Oct 2000.
"ITF ship sinks
The cargo ship which was being used by the International Transport Workers' Federation for a world tour to highlight safety at sea was sunk in a collision at the port of Matanzas on the Orinoco River, Venezuela, on Aug.2.
During her 20-month tour as part of the ITF's campaign for seafarer's rights and against flags of convenience, the Global Mariner, 12,778gt, visited 86 ports in 51 countries and had almost 750,000 visitors to the onboard exhibition. The tour ended in February this year (2000).
In April, the Global Mariner, owned by ITF Expo Ltd., was placed on bareboat charter with Clyde Marine. The crew managers were Guernsey Shipmanagement, and ASP Seascot, of Glasgow, were the commercial managers.
On Aug 2 the Global Mariner, carrying 17,000 tons of steel coils and products,left her berth at Matanzas. On board were 22 British Officers and predominantly british crew with some Polish ratings, and nine British Cadets. There were three local pilots.
Initial reports indicated that the Global Mariner turned in the channel, under the con of the harbour pilot and with one tug attached, ehen she was in collision with the Cyprus-flag cargo ship Atlantic crusader, 7,366gt.
The Global Mariner was struck on the port side by way of no.2 hold and then no.3 hold flooded and the ship sank. All those on board were taken off by a pilot boat.
The Global mariner was completed by Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd., Sunderland, in 1979 as the Ruddbank, of Andrew Weir & Co., London. She was baught by Lambert and Holt Line in 1983 and was renamed Romney, becoming the Laird in 1986 and the Napier Star in 1989.
In 1991 the ship was sold by the Vesty group to Hong Kong owners and renamed Tamapatcharee, and in 1995 she became the Lady Rebecca, by new Hong Kong owners.
The ship was bought by ITF in 1998 and renamed Global Mariner."

Bob S
7th November 2004, 16:23
Thatís what I like, a concise history. I can remember seeing a picture of her conversion to become GLOBAL MARINER with both TAMAPATCHAREE & LADY REBECCA displayed on her stern, might have been on the ITF website at the time.

23rd September 2005, 17:53
Thatís what I like, a concise history.

Here's another one - a report - End of a Global Odyssey ( on her sinking, on a webpage that I made up at the time for practise. And er-rrr, the text 'borrowed' from the NUMAST 'Telegraph' and/or Lloyds' List.

(ps Just nnoticed the link to the I.T.F. doesn't resolve - will investigate. Later all ok, 18:02)

23rd September 2005, 18:13
Also found "something" about her:
Built:Sunderland Ship Builders Ltd., Sunderland ( ON:379978 IMO No.: 7710800 Dimensions:530.94 x 75.36 x 32.64 feet Tonnage:When built: Gross: 12,214 Net:. 7,865 DWT: 18,501 After 1998 Gross: 12,778 Net:. 7,865 DWT: 18,501 Propulsion:4-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. Doxford 76J4 type oil engine of 12,000 bhp by Doxford Engines Ltd., Sunderland Type:Cargo Liner of 949,359 cu/ft. (26,883m3) capacity TEU Cap:372 (238 below deck / 134 on deck) Keel laid:3.1978 Launched: 1/11/1978 (Yard No.906), for Bank Line Ltd. (Andrew Weir & Co. Ltd.), London as Ruddbank (Employed on USA - South Africa
Service) Completed:13/6/1979 Purchased:10/1983 by Lamport & Holts Ltd. and renamed Romney Transferred:07/1986 to Highvale Ltd., (Lion Shipping Co., Hong Kong) managersand renamed Lairg Renamed:3/03/1989 as Napier Star 3 ( of Blue Star Ship Management Sold:18/11/1991 to Tamapatcharee Shipping Co., Hong Kong and renamed Tamapatcharee, Andrew Weir Shipping, Hong Kong managers Sold:1995 to South Asia Shipping Ltd., (John McRick & Co. Ltd, managers), Hong Kong and renamed Lady Rebecca Sold:03/1998 to International Transport Workers Federation (Acomarit Services Maritime S/A., managers), London and renamed Global Mariner, for use as an exhibition ship for the Unions struggle against Flags of Convenience ships, and to highlight the well-being and basic rights of seafarers. Completed:02/2000 round the world voyage as a exhibition ship for the of ITF. During her 20 month voyage she visited 86 ports in 51 countries and attracted three quarters of a million visitors Taken over: 2000 as cadet ship, on bareboat charter to Guernsey Shipmanagement, technical managers Northern Marine and commercial managers AST Seascot, Glasgow. Collided: 2/8/2000 with the Atlantic Crusader 7,366/92 off the Sidor Terminal, Matanzas on the Orinoco River. During manoeuvring to leave her berth with the aid of one tug, the Global Mariner was hit by the Cypriot cargo ship forward of the bridge. The collision caused both No.2 and No.3 holds to flood and the Global Mariner sank. All 32 crew and three pilots aboard were evacuated safely. At the time of her loss she was carrying 17,000 tons of steel coils and products. Salvage attempts are not expected until the dry season when water levels will be lower. Wreck removed:6/2001 from the shipping lane and beached where it cannot cause a hazard. The wreck has been sold to Capt. Waldo Soto for scrap and he is offering to sell anything from the wreck. (
Here seen as ROMNEY in Liverpool at night.

16th February 2012, 22:32
She was a "Bank Boat" albeit a bit more sophisticted than earlier models! I was Chief Mate on her in 1981 and we did the USA-South Africa service; two round trips from Baltimore then leave.

The writing was on the wall however, the amount of cargo was pitiful in terms of generating income, so inevitably the service ended. On our second run we passed a sister ship the Tenchbank (all the class named after fresh water fish - a nod in the direction of the owner's green credentials) which was down to her marks and via VHF we established that she was full and down only because of bulk cargo of some mineral or other from Richards Bay; not a good way of operating a liner service.

Bank Line had the rights to that service dating from the 1930s and had indeed operated it then but trade dried up until they tried again in the 1980s.

26th November 2013, 22:47
The "Global Mariner" was a former Bank Line ship ("Testbank"??) which became the "Tamahine", which was rumoured to be operated by the son of the founder of JCB, out of Hong Kong. I was told that he owned 4 ex-Bank Line ships. I did a Port State Control inspection on "Tamahine" at Liverpool, N.S., where she was loading rolls of newsprint, circa 1994. I subsequently Port State-ed her as "Global Mariner" in Halifax. She was a beautiful ship, maintained to the highest standards of seamanship, and her sinking in a collision in South America was a sad end to a worthy I.T.F. project which aimed to train young seafarers.

27th November 2013, 11:48
Global Mariner was formerly "Ruddbank", certainly Bamford owned the "Crestbank" whilst she was laid up int he Fal - don't know about any others though.

28th November 2013, 00:22
Global Mariner was formerly "Ruddbank", certainly Bamford owned the "Crestbank" whilst she was laid up int he Fal - don't know about any others though.

Hi Duncan: You are correct, she was built as "Ruddbank"; after 19 years my memory was faulty. When I consulted my notebook at the office today, I realised that I was also incorrect in saying that her name was "Tamahine". She was named "Tamapatcheree" when I inspected her at Liverpool N.S., but she was owned by Tamahine Shipping. Alan.

Pilot mac
28th November 2013, 08:18
surprised to see her with hatch tents in Bob S picture ?


China hand
28th November 2013, 18:47
Stood by Dacebank whilst building in Sunderland. Four of the six were in the Wear at the same time, in various states of completion. 1979.(Thumb)