Portland Harbour 'Dummy Deck'

8th September 2009, 21:53
As a child in the 70s,I remember RNAL 50,the Portland Harbour Dummy Deck.
I would often watch the Helicopters,practice their landings & winching routines.
Would anyone kindly wish to share any memories,recollections of 'Dummy Deck'.Information on specifications,Build,end of service,photographs are very much welcome....

8th September 2009, 22:13
Well, like you Pete, I spent many an hour watching Lynxs, Wasps and Wessex s doing circuits around the harbour. I seem to remember a Blackhawk using it once as well! I've got a picture of it alongside in my gallery, its not great though.
I used to be able to watch it from my parents bedroom window, but it was towed back alongside one day and when it returned, it was moored further over towards Chesil Beach, out of sight!. Now I'm sure there was a good reason for this, but I was a seriously unimpressed 8 year old.:(

So Pete, what can you tell me about the Crystal? Have you heard any stories over the years? I started a thread about her a long time ago but got no response, too secret squirrel possibly?:D I know where she is now, (fuel depot in Holland) but she fascinated me when we lived in Weymouth

8th September 2009, 22:49
I did read your thread/request on RDV Crystal,& noticed you had little response.I have information such as year,place of launch,weight,specifications etc but no photos sadly.I wish i had taken some of RNAL 50 as well,you dont think at the time thats why i am forever taking photos now.I dont think she had any means of propulsion as Sheepdog/Basset would go & fetch her back to Queens Per on Christmas Eve for the holiday break..