Ben Models.

ian keyl
9th September 2009, 22:12
I was watching a film on ch 5 the other night called ""Maiden Voyage", it was supposed to be about a passenger ferry running out of the USA and it was hi-jacked . To cut a long story short a clip or two from the owners office showed many maritime props , one of which was a large scale model of the Benledi, it had the cut away poop deck which was not on the Wyvis nor Albanach.
At the end of the film it stated that the film was shot in New Zealand and the ferries which ply between the north and south islands were used in the film.
This suggests to me that someone in NZ has made a large model of the Ledi ,It was not the owners model Iam sure . Can anyone shed any light on the model.
Just as hot in the dark.

Rgds Ian.