Black Eyed Susie ?

10th September 2009, 20:55
About the 1950/60s British newspapers made much play about an incident aboard an ocean liner. Apparently the captain had jokingly put his arm around a lady who dined at his table. She was a lady of wealth and influence and the owners of the vessel were considering the captain's continued employment, regardless of his long service.. I can't remember which line it was, possibly Cunard, and I may be mistaken about the "Black eyed Susie" name the press gave her. Does any member remember the details ? Was the master sacked ?

11th September 2009, 07:34
Hello Binnacle; I remember the incident, I believe it was the Britannic.

non descript
11th September 2009, 07:40
Yes, it was Captain James D. Armstrong, Master of the 28,000-ton Cunard liner Britannic, and the quote ... "Though neither the captain nor Cunard would elaborate on the charges, word leaked out that the sacking—the first in Cunard's 119-year history—was Cunard's reaction to reports that Captain Armstrong, 55, had shown too much attention to women passengers at the captain's table. That raised the fascinating question of what the captain could possibly have done in a public dining hall to bring down his 3O-year career with Cunard." .. comes from here (,9171,825939,00.html)

11th September 2009, 20:03
Thanks gentlemen for your response. It's a comfort to know that as far as my memory goes I haven't quite reached the "does he take sugar stage ?".

Sister Eleff
11th September 2009, 22:29
So what happend to capt Armstrong? Did he manage to clear his name?