14th September 2009, 01:15
When Richard Abel & Sons Ltd purchased the Rossendale to convert to a sand saction dredger she had large shearlegs for'rard. Can anyone tell me what her previous name was, and for what purpose she was used. I remember her lying in Canning Dock Liverpool and she had an open wheelhouse. Her first skipper was Frank Atkins from Widnes and her last skipper was Eddie Milburn from Liverpool. My father Frank Le Couteur frm Runcorn was her Chief Engineer. Richard Abel's were brought out by Hoveringham Gravel's of Nottingham in the late 1960's, however, I am currently reading a fine book titled "T.R. Brown of Bristol" and it states on page 86 "Both Richard Abel and William Coopers had been taken over by RMC and Tarmac, and in 1999 Norwest Sand & Ballast had entered into this partnership". Can anyone shed any light on this?

Eddie Milburn did I believe become the mate on one of Norwest Sand & Ballast dredgers the Norwest after Hoveringham Gravel's disposed of their Liverpool operations.

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Frank Le Couteur