Niger & Bamenda Palm - George Holeyman

Chris Gilham
18th September 2009, 17:00
Hello All,

I am looking for information about my father's cousin, George Holeyman. I know he was aboard the Vancouver City as an apprentice in 1944 and I have found other Google links connected to a Captain George Holeyman on the Niger Palm 1960s, and the Bamenda (spelling?) Palm in the 1980s. My father died in May this year, but, both myself and my 2 uncles are keen to discover all that we can about George, and perhaps even make contact with him??

That is perhaps too big a wish! But information about him and his career would be wonderful.

Kind regards,

Chris G

18th September 2009, 21:32
Chris, I have an old Palm Bulletin which features George as the "Palm Person" with a bit of a write-up about him, let me look it out over the weekend and I will scan it and post it here. Kind Regards, David Wilson.

25th November 2009, 22:34
Hi Chris
My last trip down the west coast with Palm Line was in 1971 on the Ikeja Palm, and George Holeyman was Master.
Dont know if that helps, but good luck in your quest.

11th February 2010, 20:06
I have been directed to this post.

I am George Holeymans Daughter-in-law.

He is still fit and well. Let m know if you still want information on him