trawler Côte d'Argent renamed Boston Valiant

26th September 2005, 10:54

Here is a photograph of the coal steam trawler Côte d'Argent leaving the Boulogne sur mer harbour,when she was owned by " Veuves François et Mathieu Fourny "

Have you photographs or informations about the british life of this trawler when she was renamed " Boston Valiant" , year 1953 ?



1st May 2007, 09:07

gil mayes
1st May 2007, 21:10
Hello Pierre

Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust would be very interested to know the date of registration at Boulogne and the date the registry was closed.


2nd May 2007, 06:32
Thanks to lilguy43uk and Gil.

I don't know precisely the dates but i will search.


5th May 2007, 22:43
Hello gentlemen.

This Cote D´Argent was registered in Boulogne as new in november 1946, and sold in september 1953, according to the book La Peche Boulonnais au temps du chalutier a vapeur by Guennoc.

Birgir Thorisson

gil mayes
6th May 2007, 10:43
Many thanks Birgir that lines up with her completion and her transfer to Fleetwood registry. I was hoping that Pierre would be able to give the precise dates from his contacts in Boulogne sur mer.