Port Launceston - Capt Ward

Pete Bower
23rd September 2009, 19:45
I remember with fond frustration one Capt Ward, nicknamed Dorothy who was master of the Port Launceston. he had some quaint habits, not the least of which was that he refused to allow a shoreside telephone aboard when in port (at least in Cape Town, where I was the Port Line agent).

This caused untold issues with the Fire Officer in the port because the regulations clearly stated that any ship berthed alongside carrying hazardous/flammable cargo had to have a working telephone aboard with which to phone the fire brigade in the event of an emergency.

Capt Ward's solution, I remember, after much deliberation and argument, was to lock the instrument in a cabin ... and give me (the agent) the only key!

He also used to work with leather...

What became of him?

26th September 2009, 14:14
Captain T.G.S. (Tom) Ward was the last Master with whom I sailed in my time in Port Line, m.v. "Port Alfred" 20 April 1966 - 10 June 1967. He is still around, in retirement in New South Wales - he and his wife are holidaying to Western Australia next month and hoping to meet with an ex-Port Line shipmate of mine over there, I shall pass on your query for comment!