Tie Pin

25th September 2009, 07:43
I came across my uncles (Alex Steele) tie pin while looking for a document recently, it was presented to him for 25 years with Shell. Reminding me of the early 70s, he went to London for a medical before joining his next ship which he took as routine, only to fail because of blood pressure. I can still picture his face to this day, when he told the family he had been "beached" I suppose its one thing to leave of your own accord, but for it to happen when all you have known from being a boy is the sea and ships is a right wrencher,
the nearest he ever got to the sea again was as shipkeep for the Guiness boats when they ran to Wiggs wharf on the Manchester Ship Canal.

Ron Stringer
25th September 2009, 08:27
Sad story Bob.

But doesn't it gladden your heart to see how much Shell valued their employees' contributions and how well they rewarded long and loyal service? Only 25 years and they splashed out on a tie pin. How grateful the recipient must have been!

Mark McShane
28th September 2009, 22:58
The tie pins these days have diamonds embedded in them, maybe Bob can confirm if there are diamonds in his uncles pin?



29th September 2009, 07:46
Yes well I presume it is, it is gold with the shell attached to, 2 small chains.
He gave it to my eldest daughter when she was born. Alex said it was very nice, but a life times supply of bottled Guiness would have been ideal.

13th October 2009, 23:09
I also i have one of them tie pins that i am looking to sell, has anyone got an idea of the price and where i would get the best price for it,

13th October 2009, 23:58
Could you please email me any information thank you.